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It's time to break down how the "Quarterly Collab" will work!

Starting in July and every yearly quarter going forward;

1: Contest; for the first 2 months of the collab' we will be taking contest entries.

These entries will include your design ideas. This can contain reference images, a write up of the general idea or even your own sketches and graphic designs. We would also like to let you know, WE DO NOT need to know what cause you want to donate to! Your design wins, your charity wins! No Prejudice!

2: The first 2 weeks of the 3rd month we will sort the list and narrow things down to the top 10 entries. That top ten will the be have a poll on Facebook and Instagram to help us pick the winning entry! 

3: The last two weeks, We Collaborate! One on one discussions with the winner and Rekker Apparel to determine fine details on the design, after all, this is YOUR cause! Once the design is complete and ready, we discuss what cause YOU want to contribute and REGISTER our donation! 

4: OUR product goes live for 6 MONTHS! We will run ads, create posts and content about our collaboration and WHAT we are contributing to! $4 CAD will be kept from EVERY sale until the end of the the campaign, at which time the donation to YOUR chosen cause will be made on behalf of YOU, and REKKER Apparel!


PS> Let's do some math!

10 sales = $40

100 sales = $400

1000 sales = $4000

10,000 sales = $40,000

100,000 sales = you get the idea!!!


Let's work together and GIVE BACK!


Cory W


REKKER Apparel

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