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Let's talk about the concept behind the Quarterly Collab'

 How it's going to work: Starting in July 2019, and every quarter of a year ongoing we will be hosting the Collab'. For the first two months of the quarter we will be taking design contest entries. After the contest period is over, there will be a two week schedule to sort and pick the top submission. 

Then the real business begins! The last two weeks of the quarter, the winner will choose a charity or cause to donate $4 CAD from every sale of the winning design, that design gets finalized and made available on the Rekker Apparel website. We will also register the product with the charity we are donating to and THATS THAT! From then on, we will run ad campaigns to boost product sales and awareness of the collab' AS WELL AS start the next contest! We will also share the amount of money raised by the campaign each week!

Each collab' design will campaign for six months following its release. At the end of the term the product will be removed from the store and all of the donations made on behalf of Rekker Apparel AND the DESIGN Collaborator! That means the winner gets recognition for the funds raised towards THEIR CAUSE! 

There are a tonne of details to be worked out, so make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with all the details, and SHARE EVERYWHERE!! Spread the word so we can help YOU give to a cause

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